Winter Time Bass!!

Big ice bass

Chances are, unless you live down south, say Florida, Georgia, Alabama or sorts, this might very well be your picture and has been for sometime now!  I honestly have not done much ice fishing, but I sure have spent a fair amount of time out in the cold and felt like ice.  Using a jigging spoon or a silver buddy as most know is the ticket.

Deep water is a must, as those green monsters sure don’t like to move much.  I am a bank beater by trade and sure love that shallow water bite, but I know enough not to waste my time in those areas during the cold water season.  Not to mention of course, if your favorite shallow water hot spot is covered in ice, it could be a tad hard to get too.  Yeah,  I have a few buddies that use their rigs as ice breakers, but we all know how that turned out for the Titanic.  But if your are lucky enough to get into that school of bass during

those cold water days your take is generally above board. The trick to finding them of course is having some top notch electronics.  Now, if were back on the ice, you need a good auger and of course some guns to drill those holes. Keep drilling away and before you know it, you will be pulling that monster through the ice.

Some final thoughts before I role, Safety first, regardless of the time of year! Buddy up if you can and always be prepared. Let people know where you are and how long you expect to be (man, I violate that rule a lot).   If your rolling around in that rig, make sure you have some extra clothing just in case that motor that always starts gets cold too and decides to let you down.  Some extra duds in that rod locker for you, or someone else can truly be a life saver.

Tightlines My Friends!

The Fishing Dude!



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