No Knots About It

To say that I’ve been fishing for awhile is understatement, its been a long while. Growing up as a kid, you could find me on the water or in the woods. Odd thing is though, even though I grew up a stones throw away (and you didn’t need a very good arm) from the Chesapeake Bay, I was always trying to find that fresh water pond, lake or river to drop my line into. I learned real quick that my overhand knots done many times over was not the best approach to landing that monster. I am sure we have all been there, the more knots I tie, the stronger it gets, so if two overhand knots are pretty good, then why not do three or four, on top of each other, that’s gotta work right, WRONG!

You might say, we all know that, but as a kid, I didn’t know any better. Its hard enough to find that big fish and then to loose that biggin because of your knot, that’s no fun at all (still beats work).  At that point it becomes just another story about the big one that got away.  So, I ventured into the world of what is the easiest and best knot to use and here’s why.  When I loose that fish, I don’t want to pull up that curly line or the line that literally has cut itself in half, based on the fight that ensues when Big Momma is on the other end of that line. So what do we use, Trilene knot, its a goodie, but I think hands down its the Palomar knot. Now you’ll have your experts that say, use this knot for this lure and this one for that lure, but I generally use the SIBKIS philosophy here, See It Big (THE BASS) Keep It Simple. The Palomar in my book is versatile and pretty simple to use whether its mono or Braid. Note, with both of those line types, I like to moisten the line, its up to you on how that gets done. In the fishing world we have many knots to use and try, but the Palomar very seldom ever lets me down.  So, fish on with confidence knowing you have the best knot in the business.


The Bass Dude


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