Lipless Tricks and Know Hows

Top Five Tips for those lipless baits.

1. First and foremost, tie your line directly to the bait! No swivels or leaders to be used here as I believe it takes away the action of the bait.

2. I usually will switch out the hooks for larger and sharper hooks. Many of the manufacturers make a great bait, but have some pretty suspect hooks. This held much truer back in the day, but with today’s technology, you now generally get a pretty nice hook to go with bait. Additionally, I will also step the hooks up one size, this is a real help to keep that bass connected and eventually into your hands.

3. Using a rod with a soft tip is a must. Being able to feel the throbbing vibration of the lure is crucial and of course if you have the right rod tip, it will basically load that fish up for you.

4. Match the hatch. You have heard it a million times. Try to match the size of the bait fish that you see and this will help increase your catch.

5. This is a biggy!!! Increase your lure speed in clearer water. Unfortunately, I have been on the the other side things with this little trick. Speed matters, If the water is clear, the fish is able to get a better look at it and determine if its really what he thinks it is, thus creating a reaction bite. If the water is stained, slow things down abit, so the bass can locate your lure.

The lipless crankbait is one of the best and most versatile bass lures around.  Try various different retrievals and experiment and see what is working.  You can burn um, slow retrieve, stop and start, jerk, jerk pause, the sky is  the limit.  Find out what is working and stick with it!  But just know what was working a few minutes ago can be completely different a cast or two later.  Keep an eye on those changing conditions and adapt and overcome and you will be on your way to catching more bass.

Tightlines my Friends!

The Bass Dude!

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