Top Four to Score a Hartwell Victory

IT IS TIME!!  No its not the UFC, but it is the Grand Daddy of them all the Bassmaster Classic and we are in full practice swing.  Time to hold those hats and get ready folks, cuz we are a day away from getting started.  Here is the word from the lake on what these practice minded anglers are finding and some clues as to what lies ahead for the next three days.

  1.  Larger Lake this go around. The Big take away here is the water level.  Back in 2015 the water levels were extremely low and many areas were not accessible due to the low water levels.  Not the case this time! This should open up the field and give them a chance to play in a variety of areas, thus equaling the playing field.
  2.  Spot On.  The spotted bass are seemingly readily available to get that limit, but it will  limit that total weight.  Bringing in a sack over the 10lb mark will be pretty difficult, but it may be an angle to go at early and then hunt down some largemouth and cull those spots out.  It sure is a lot easier to fish when you are working to better what you already have.
  3. Grassy Approach.  With the added shore line thanks to the increased water levels some of the banks consisted of some straw grass.  Gotta love these areas for finding some good quality largemouths.  Time to bust out a spinner bait and go to town and we all know who that may favor.
  4. Mother Nature.  When doesn’t she play a role in this game.  Expect cold mornings, not like last time and nice warm afternoons, which could play into the hands of those who get there spots and have the warmer time frames to fish.  That’s always a catch 22 in my book, I can fish later, but if your there first, doesn’t help me much on the back end, we will see how this factor plays into the picture.  Additionally, with the warmer weather, brings in more spectators, expect this to be factor also, although, I hope everyone stays considerate and they don’t go and grab a hot spot on Saturday in a local tx. Lets all play nice.

I’ve said it a dozen times and here it goes again.  It’s anybody’s Classic.  Soo much local talent and another too many with pattern expertise, puts this title up grabs even more than in past Classics.  Its going to be a good one folks. I’m the Bass Dude and You will here from me next at the Classic.




Hey! I am a Married outdoorsman with two wonderful boys. I Love to fish for largemouth bass and love the backwater creeks and cuts of bigger waters. I was a full-time Bass angler who was lucky enough, along with two of my buddies to have numerous Bass lures with patents. I also, enjoy hunting, Mtn. Biking, Ultra trail running and basically anything to do with the outdoors.


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