Jordan Lee Takes Back 2 Back Victories at the Classic

Jordan Lee reaches legend status with his second straight Bassmaster Classic and joins the likes of two legends Rick Clunn and Kevin VanDam as the only other anglers to win back-to-back Classics.

Hartwell was seemingly setting up to be a catch feast, but with some crazy early week weather and then some warm days the pre-spawn bass went from a suspended state to an active spawn.   Lee entered the final day in 6th place and knew it was going to take a decent bag to take the crown.  He started the week off in practice with not much confidence, but with some solid support from his fiance he was able to once again win the crown.

His decision to fish to his strength and hit the docks paid off largely as many of the other anglers deviating from their plans due to the huge lead that Jason Christie had on the field.  Lee stuck to his plan and his consistent weight paid off in the end.

His primary focus was to target spotted bass throughout much of the tournament. Although spotted bass are smaller in size, when he pulled into his winning pocket on Sunday, he knew his plan had come together.  With fish under every dock and many swimming around his boat and a nice 57 degree water temp, he know he had a good chance to make up the much needed ground.

Lee’s 47-1 three day total gave him the victory and his second consecutive Bassmaster Classic.  Brent Ehrler with a close 2nd with 46-1 and Jason Christie 45.15 dropped to third, Christie had been leading the tournament the first two days.

We sometimes talk about luck being a factor, but as I say, I Think Not,  this young man has been at the top now two consecutive years in a row, he has won the college championship and if not for a poor first classic day a few years back, we would be looking at a three time champion.  The youth of sport, seems to be at its highest peak ever, with more and more high schools forming bass teams and the college teams appearing across the nation, bass fishing is just going to a whole new level.

Jordan Lee is just getting started, I often thought in most cases to repeat as a classic winner was next to impossible, but the mold has been broken and I am sure he will be back again.  I’m the Bass Dude, rollin out from Greenville, SC!

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