What Up G?

Gerald Swindle, AKA the G-Man, to say this dude rocked the house was an understatement.  There were a many cheers across the board, but when the G-Man entered the arena, it just got straight-up crazy and I think the energy that this guy brings to the table is with out a doubt contagious.  You could literally feel the energy in the building when G rolled into arena, not to mention the old school Baby Got Back playing as he rolled in.  He made the super six, but fell back to 10th place overall, he is a true spirit in the sport.  His time will come sooner or later and it will be well deserved.  All I can say is watch out when that picture unfolds as he will tear the place down as he mentioned, he will do burn-outs and and fish tails in the lot around the building and the party will start.  Thanks for bringing your spirited attitude to the stage and the water Mr. Swindle, you make it even more worth while.  Tightlines Brother!!

The Bass Dude is out!!!

Hey! I am a Married outdoorsman with two wonderful boys. I Love to fish for largemouth bass and love the backwater creeks and cuts of bigger waters. I was a full-time Bass angler who was lucky enough, along with two of my buddies to have numerous Bass lures with patents. I also, enjoy hunting, Mtn. Biking, Ultra trail running and basically anything to do with the outdoors.


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