Denny Brauer Talks Spinnerbaits

I had the absolute pleasure to meet Denny Brauer a few years back, well maybe more than a few now that I think about it, I don’t recall having a camera on my phone and I sure didnt have video, I know this because if I had, we would be watching some of the footage.  I was actually at a Bassmaster event and Mr. Brauer was talking, flippin and pitchin and Brother, this guy is at a whole different level, like nothing you have ever seen before.  I watched him flip and pitch into a bucket some 50+ times, before I think he even hit the rim of the bucket.

I recall him talking about pitching into a certain spot some 60+ times, before he got the fish to bite, he without a doubt knew a fish was there and stayed consistent and connected with the fish. How many of us would have stopped at 50, 40 and Ill venture down into the single digits before I move on in most cases.

Pull up a chair and sit down with in my mind the best flippin and pitchin jig fisherman ever, Denny Brauer.

I’m the Bass Dude!!  Tightlines my Friends!!


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