Austin Cranford was pre fishing for a tournament on Arbuckle lake and found himself landing a 5 pounder and eventually this behemoth 14lb largemouth.  He was hoping to wait a week and then of course gone after her during the tournament, but his guess was she would have spawned and moved on by then, so he decided to give it a go and landed her.

His initial thought was he had a carp, but quickly realized he had a giant largmouth.

He release her back into the lack safe and sound, but not before getting her weighed in on  four scales and of course taking a quick picture. The 14lber, by Austin ties him for 12th on the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s top 20 list of largemouth bass caught in the state.

Dave Miller holds the state record at 14 pounds and 13.7 ounces which he caught back in 2013 at Cedar Lake.  Allen Gifford holds the Arbuckle Lake record at 14lbs, 8 ounces which holds the fifth spot on the top 20 list.

Oklahoma must be doing something right as this is the second bass this season to hit the 14 pound mark.  I would say the biggins are alive and well in the sooner state.

Great job Austin and hope the tournament went well!!


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Hey! I am a Married outdoorsman with two wonderful boys. I Love to fish for largemouth bass and love the backwater creeks and cuts of bigger waters. I was a full-time Bass angler who was lucky enough, along with two of my buddies to have numerous Bass lures with patents. I also, enjoy hunting, Mtn. Biking, Ultra trail running and basically anything to do with the outdoors.


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