Keepin in Reel Up In Here!!

Alright its the Bass Dudes turn to get into a little action.  Have this great little spot that I usually take my boys to, to catch a few bass or brim.  Tossing my my Multi-wire Buzzbait with a gold willow leaf trailer.  This was one of the many, many fish I caught on my buzzbait! No giants, but as I said, I’m keepin reel.

Thanks for taking a look.  I am throwing a a 3/8 Black Buzzbait w/clacker, with a black and Blue fleck skirt with a gold willow blade trailer.  It was working like a charm.


I’m The Bass Dude!!

Hey! I am a Married outdoorsman with two wonderful boys. I Love to fish for largemouth bass and love the backwater creeks and cuts of bigger waters. I was a full-time Bass angler who was lucky enough, along with two of my buddies to have numerous Bass lures with patents. I also, enjoy hunting, Mtn. Biking, Ultra trail running and basically anything to do with the outdoors.


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