Boy I sure didnt want to by writing about this, but I guess it happens from time to time.  Had the opportunity to fish with one of my best friends and basically in our favorite creek.  Problem was, we did plenty of fishing and absolutely no catchin and I can also say we didnt even do any bitting.  We were a tad concerned on our half way trip for each of us to fish the James River as we were all under flood watches or warnings and we knew the water was going to be high and pretty stained.  We just hoped we didnt need our white water kayaks to fish four mile creek and as luck would have it, she was pretty swollen, but we had not problem droping the rig in for some good ole bass fishing.  Fish were bustin everywhere, and we were very optimistic, we could hear and see bass bustin in the shallows chasing bait fish way back up in bushes that were not accessible.  We wacky rigged, buzzbaited, spinnerbaited, crankbaited, trick wormed, frogged, you name it we did it and we still came up empty.  I know its not the first and sadly enough I know it wont be the last.  My only guess with the water being up so high, that there was sooo much food in the water that the bass just weren’t interested in what we had to offer.   We were pretty much convinced the buzzbait bite was going to be the ticket.  Foliage with plenty of water and being able to get the bait back up into the pads with some nice ambush points and once again nothin.  We rolled out like Yukon Cornelius.  I think the two biggest events of the day was the karma play at the boat ramp when we were tying to pull out, that current was killing us.  I was extremely happy nobody had pulled out their lounge chairs for some early Memorial Day boat ramp frolics, cuz we were some prime contenders.  Secondly, I almost took a header out the front of the boat, while dropping my buddy off at the creek dock to get the vehicle.  Well that about sums it all up, it was still a great weekend, looking forward to the next outing and hopefully some tightlines to boot.

I’m the Bass Dude!!

Hey! I am a Married outdoorsman with two wonderful boys. I Love to fish for largemouth bass and love the backwater creeks and cuts of bigger waters. I was a full-time Bass angler who was lucky enough, along with two of my buddies to have numerous Bass lures with patents. I also, enjoy hunting, Mtn. Biking, Ultra trail running and basically anything to do with the outdoors.


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